Wednesday, 16 March 2016

First a house builder, now a barn builder

Over the years, I've build many houses from fabric.

Some have instructions

Others have messages

Some are wonkier than others

Some have special functions, like this coffee house

And others have flown across the country for other people's quilts.

I've even made several quilts entirely from houses,
like this one for my son,

Advice from Home

and this one for a recent addition to the family.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

All of these houses were free-pieced and improvised,
according to the size needed or the fabrics on hand.
None are made from patterns,
but instead from instructions or methods
which can be credited to the great Gwen Marston.

through some of these house-building adventures
and in December 2014, she asked me to join a barn raising movement.

Fifteen barn builders from three countries, some experienced, some rookies
formed the Secret Society of Barn Builders
to test the process notes Julie had outlined in her upcoming book.

No Pattern Construction
is coming out in April

I'll be sharing my barn soon.


Quiltdivajulie said...

And build a beautiful barn you did!! Only a few more weeks now until we can all share the SSOBB barns ...

patty a. said...

Those are wonderful house quilts! Can't wait to see the barns!

Helen in the UK said...

Love house quilts, so really looking forward to seeing what you created this time :)

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