Sunday, 5 October 2008

Three funglies and a two-inch square

I've been busy in the sewing room, and I have something to show for it! In summer, I joined Tonya's and Bonnie's fungly challenge, where we used uglies, old print, novelties, and fabrics we were just tired of to make a fun and maybe ugly, but definitely interesting quilt. I started cutting 3.5 strips off of oldies and not always goodies in my stash to make these framed squares (a variation of a nine-patch) that finish at 9 inches, and after a week or so of sewing like a maniac, made 108 squares.
Here's a nine-patch of muddy pinks and blues that will finish at 33 inches for a baby quilt. The bigger one at the left finishes at 45 by 60 and is a wonky I Spy quilt made from novelties. I'll back both of these with fleece and tie them.
This is my full-sized fungly, finishing at 63 by 81. This one is a blanket for Mennonite Central Committee's refugee relief program. I'm passing it on to my mother, who will take it to her local MCC centre to finish it on their industrial machines. This one has a huge variety of prints, everything from lipsticks to robots to old calicos and very orange scenery prints. I also made some nine-patches of orphan patches to mix it up a bit.
Thanks to Bonnie and Tonya for this fun challenge. It cleared up a bunch of yardage and scraps, got me sewing in the middle of summer, and pushed my colour boundaries, since many of these colours shouldn't go together, but they do.
This is my fourth (and smallest) quilt out of the two inch square box that I've completed in 2008. This is a teeny one for the preemie set at the hospital. It's backed with minky and tied. The others included a baby quilt, a throw with wonky stars for the teacher and a full-sized quilt for my bed. I think I've sewn together at least 2,000 of these squares. No strip-piecing on any of these projects, since I inherited the squares already cut. And since I've been organizing my sewing room, I've cut dozens more, so I'm guessing I'm never going to run out of two-inch squares.


Tonya Ricucci said...

wheeeee, I love that full-sized awesomely colored fungly. Great block to choose and love how you mixed it up with 9-patches.

Selvage Quilter said...

Isn't it amazing what you can make when you have the mindset that you described? Use up uglies in a carefree way - and WOW! A gorgeous quilt. I suggest you save one of them, it might just become one of your favorites. I think they look beautiful! I'm inspired to make one just like it. :)

Karen in New York

Quiltdivajulie said...

I passed on "joining" the fungly challenge but have SO enjoyed seeing what so many of you have done. I especially like the large quilt in this post! Way to go!!!!

Myra said...

Awesome works-in-progress!!! Looking a fungly kind of way. 8-)
Gotta try that sometime!

Cher said...

you really did a wonderful job being inspired and productive with the fungly challenge. I too passed on playing - all your quilts turned out so great.

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