Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Gifts, gifts, and little Amish quilts

A week or so ago I saw Susan's little miniature Amish bars quilt and pattern and I decided to make one. Well, maybe a few more than one. Here's nine that I've finished. Most measure around 9 by 11 inches, some less, depending on how accurate I was with the seam allowances and pressing.

I invited my guild members to make some, since we were asked to provide some small quilty gifts for international visitors to our city. The bottom row has two made by fellow guild members and one made by me -- Amish modern bars.

These little quiltlets are a good for practicing skills like quilting and binding. I had some fun with the machine quilting.
Lots of vines and leaves here, inspired by the bright spring colours in this green and orange quilt.

Feathered wreathes and borders. I'm getting the hang of free-hand feathers.

Some bubbles and feathers here.

Straight line stitching with the walking foot for this modern version.

My birthday gift books came last week, with some more ideas on machine quilting Amish design.

And a few shopping bags made from upholstery fabric for a friend's birthday


Sujata Shah said...


These little quilts are packed with power. You all did an amazing job! I am definitely inspired by this colorful display!

PrairiePeasant said...

I like the look of the quilts all together--it would make a nice larger quilt design too!

Clare said...

These are gorgeous. Mini quilts are definitely good for practicing skills.

Diane said...

Susan sent me over---wow! that's an impressive number of mini quilts-wonderful!

Finn said...

Love the look of your little Amish quilts. I'm always sooooo turned off by solids, and almost never work with them. I do love them in other peoples quilts though! Great job, and what fun quilting. Hugs, Finn

Needled Mom said...

Those are all wonderful. I came over to your blog from Susan's blog.

Quiltdivajulie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini modern quilt!

Do you like the Fresh Quilting book? I've been wondering if anyone had seen it up close and in person.

Jean said...

So pretty and look so fun to make.

Myra said...

Wonderful little quilts!

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